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Here's Where You Can See My Art This Month

This month I have work on display in Please Touch the Art at McKeon Center for Creativity in Tulsa. It's a show for visually impaired people where all work uses other senses to engage the viewer.

This is the Coalsack Nebula. I used a slick synthetic fabric for the background, with fluffy wool roving to make the gas cloud. The stars are metal beads and raised embroidery stitches.

Slick black synthetic fabric for the background to give that black void feeling, with soft roving for the gas cloud, and metal beads and different raised embroidery stitches for the stars.
Coalsack Nebula

The piece at the top and framed below, Elk Mountain, is on display at The Art Hall for the Preview of 12x12. All work is up for sale, so if you don't want to wait until September 29 to bid, you can buy it now! On September 29, there will be work from 175 local artists, along with food and live entertainment at Lively Beerworks. Get your tickets here:

Small square thread painting of a mountain with fields of wildflowers in the foreground and a very dramatic cumulonimbus cloud in the sky. There's a dirt road leading toward the mountain. It's frame in a white square frame with a white mat.
Elk Mountain

On September 30, I'll be at Plaza Festival! Come see me!

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